Expanders, Separators (spacers) , and Space Maintainers


What is a expander?

What do expanders do?


What is a separator?

What does a separator do?

What should I do if one falls out?

Space Maintainers

What is the function of a space maintainer?

What if it comes loose?

Need a new Retainer

We can make you a new retainer if yours has been lost, broken or has just worn out. Clear Invisalign like retainers (Essix) or tradional Hawley (wire type) are avalible. We can also bond/cement a non-removable retainer to the back of the lower or upper front teeth if your bite allows.

You can also have retainers made by Invisalign if you desire.

Just Moved

Do you currently have braces, or decided to put off treatment till after your move? We can help. Transferring to a new office can be a hassle, we can make it easier. We will work with you and your previous orthodontist regarding fees and finsihing the the current treatment.

You can start the process by printing or e-mailing the forms that you will need. Then, give us a call today, so your treatment is not delayed.