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Day Hours

After hours, if you have an emergency , Dr. Wirant or another area orthodontist can be paged directly. (Please call our office (610-792-5530) for the pager number.)


Picture of St. Pedro Corp. Center, Royersford, PA

St. Pedro Corporate Center

John M. Wirant, DMD
460 S. Lewis Rd., Suite 202
Royersford, PA 19468
P: (610) 792-5530

We are conveniently located close to Spring-Ford High School. Many older children walk over during or after school and then get picked up by their parents. This can save time for parents and children. Your child can even wait at our office till you are ready!

Map & Directions

We are located in the St. Pedro Corporate Center building, next door to RBC (Royersford Baptist Church).

Let us better serve you

If our available times don't match yours --- let us know! We can make some exceptions, and schedule a long appointment on another day when you have time. Please speak with Robin or Beth, or simply send us an e-mail.

Most appointments are short. We will respect your time!

Bring Your Device

We have free Wi-Fi while you wait!

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