Before and After Case Listing

The chart below displays over 100 orthodontic cases treated by Dr. Wirant. Complete with before and after photographs, the chart shows a broad range of orthodontic problems—and Dr. Wirant’s solutions—ranging from the more subtle to the considerably dramatic. Have a look!

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Use these features

Cl = Class
Ad = Adult treatment
PI/II = Phase I and Phase II treatment
Exp = Expansion
Ext = Extraction
Imp = Impaction
OS/Perio = Orals Surgery/Periodontics
Inv = Invisalign
IPR = Interproximal Reduction
Appl = Appliance
Bond = Bonding (by dentist)
Case LinksCl/AdPI/IIExpExt/ImpOS/PerioInv/IPRX-raysAppl/BondComments
Case 1C II Y   Ectopic  
Case 2C II       Spacing
Case 3 YY      
Case 4  Y      
Case 5C II Y   Cong missing Submerged/Ankylosed primary molars
Case 6  Y/Y      
Case 7C II Y      
Case 8C I  4 bi xo    Reverse Crossbite
Case 9  YImp 2 MX   RPEAnterior Crossbite
Case 10C I YImp 2 MX  Impact PA  
Case 11C II Div II        
Case 12C I  4 bi xo    Severe proclination of incisors
Case 13C III Y   Impact 2 panos  
Case 14C I Y     Anterior Crossbite - single tooth
Case 15C II       Overjet
Case 16 YYSerial/Guidance of Eruption  SeriesRPEGuidance of Eruption
Case 17C II      YMandiblar Asymmetry - dental
Case 18   4 bi xo     
Case 19C II/Adult  4 bi xoAlternative Tx, Extractions for mandibular retrusion WisdomY 
Case 20 Y     Thumb CribMissing Incisor, Habit appliance
Case 21C I       Spacing
Case 22  Y4 bi xo/imp MX  Canine  
Case 23C II/Adult  2 bi xo    Overjet
Case 24  Y      
Case 25C III       Underbite
Case 26C I   Future Implants   Missing MD Incisors
Case 27Adult  4 bi xo     
Case 28C III/Adult   Patient previously told by 2 orthodontists that jaw surgery was necessary, but did not.   Pt did not need jaw surgery
Case 29    Y   Gingival Graft
Case 30Adult      Bonded Upper RetainerLarge Midline Diastema
Case 31Adult N2 bi xo, lower incisorPatient declined surgical palatal expansion (SARPE)   Alternative treatment plan - non-surgical
Case 32        Reverse posterior crossbite
Case 33C I  4 bi xo     
Case 34C IYYSupernumerary    Extra UL2 incisor tooth
Case 35C II/Adult  2 bi xo IPR  Patient needs UR6 crown redone and UR5 is small, needs to be restored
Case 36C I       Severe Deepbite
Case 37 Y Serial/Guidance of Eruption     
Case 38C IY     LLHAMissing 2 lateral incisor teeth
Case 39  YImp MX   RPE 
Case 40C II  2 bi xo     
Case 41   4 bi xo     
Case 42  y     Severe crowding
Case 43        Reverse Crossbite
Case 44  Y  IPR  Severe crowding
Case 45  Y      
Case 46   Supernumerary    Extra UR2 incisor
Case 47C I       Spacing and tapered incisors
Case 48   Imp MX  Canine, PA and PanoReq. Bonding 
Case 49C III      RPE / PFMDramatic underbite
Case 50    Y   Gingivectomy
Case 51C I       Spacing
Case 52C II Div II        
Case 53C II Div II       Deepbite
Case 54C III   MD setBack    
Case 55 Y Y4 bi xo + Supernumerary  Impacted LR7 had RCT 8
Case 56C II     cephHerbst applianceSevere overjet, other orthodontist wanted to extract MX premolars
Case 57C II  Imp MD LL3Canine Exp. X-ray sequance shows canine becoming impacted  
Case 58C IIYY     Midline off
Case 59C IIYY      
Case 60       YPeg lateral incisor, bonding
Case 61   Supernumerary  Y Extra UR2 Incisor
Case 62Adult  4 bi xo     
Case 63C I  4 bi xo     
Case 64C II/Adult       Deepbite, incisal edge attrition
Case 65  N Patient declined surgical palatal expansion (SARPE)   Pt. should have started younger!
Case 66        Youngest patient - congenital torticollis
Case 67C II       Roll over teeth, distortion to upper arch, compare to pxxxling, xatt
Case 68C IIIP I     RPE / PFMUnderbite
Case 69       Needs bondingNarrow UR2
Case 70  Y     Another orthodontist erroneously recommended extractions
Case 71 Y       
Case 72     IPR ++   
Case 73 Y    PA's Odontoma
Case 74C III  MD 2nd Molars     
Case 75   4 bi xoLooks Like Md Adv.   Oral surgeon erroneously recommended jaw surgery
Case 76C II       Severe overjet
Case 77C II Y  IPR ++   
Case 78C II Y MD advancement    
Case 79C IIYY      
Case 80        Short tooth roots, not root resorption
Case 81 Y       
Case 82   Imp 2 MX  Y  
Case 83C II  4 bi xo    Dentist didn't believe extractions necessary & tried to refer to another orthodontist.
Case 84C III       Board Case
Case 85 Y 4 bi xo     
Case 86    Gingivectomy   Gingivectomy
Case 87C I  4 bi xo    Board case
Case 88C II  2 bi xo/MX  Impacted MD 7's  
Case 89C II  4 bi xo    Severe overjet, unusual extraction pattern
Case 90C I       Openbite
Case 91C III      RPE / PFM 
Case 92        Openbite
Case 93       Y -Dr. Dan ThomasSevere spacing, peg lateral incisor
Case 94  Y      
Case 95 YYSerial/Guidance of Eruption   RPE 
Case 96   Ext Maxillary Canines    Unusual Extraction Pattern
Case 97   Impacted UL5  Y  
Case 98 Y     Retainer with teethMissing lateral incisors
Case 99Adult  2 bi xo    Had orthodontics during teenage years by another orthodontist, that didn’t correct overjet
Case 100  YImpacted UL3 & LL5  Y  
Case 101   Impacted UR3 & UL3  Y  
Case 102 Y Guidance of Eruption  Y/N Both older sisters had more severe orthodontic problems due to not seeking orthodontic treatment sooner.
Case 103  Y      
Case 104       Y , UR2 
Case 105C II       LL E remaining
Case 106C III Y    RPE / PFMUnderbite
Case 107   Imp MX  Y Over retained baby teeth
Case 108Adult  4 bi xo     
Case 109    MD setback, MX advance    
Case 110   NO    First orthodontist recommended extractions, buccal xbite, md dental asym.
Case 111       Retainer and Flipper/UR2Cong missing UL2, previous ortho treatment
Case 112   2 bi xo U4's    Patient transfer mid-treatment, changed treatment plan, required extractions
Case 113       Crowns, anteriorDeepbite, retroclined U/L incisors
Case 114   4 bi xo   Yes laterals, space left mesial, dentist requsetTransfer case , extractions required
Case 115C III/Adult  2 bi xo L4's   Y 
Case 116C II/Adult  2 bi xo UR5/UL5    Unusual extraction pattern. Upright second molars
Case 117        Extra UR2 incisor
Case 118  Y SARPE  RPEDramatic Result
Case 119C III  3 bi xo    Unusual extraction pattern.
Case 120        Severe misalignment
Case 121Adult   MD setback   Surgical hooks
Case 122   Imp MD second molars  Y  
Case 123       Yes, crownSpacing, extrusion, crown lengthening, UR1
Case 124C II       Deepbite
Case 125Adult    IPR  Severe crowing
Case 126 YY ENT --Tonsils  RPEAirway Issues
Case 127 Y      Ectopic MD incisor two teeth over
Case 128        Incisal edges filed - enamoplasty
Case 129 YY      
Case 130      Y Pathology in lower jaw
Case 131     INV  UR3 crossbite
Case 132     INV  Severe lower crowding
Case 133AdultY      Severe deep bite and attrition
Case 134Adult  4 bi xo    
Case 135        Patient with large U/L ML diastema
Case 136C III open  4 bi xo    Unusual extraction pattern, U5's, LR4, LL5