Please click on each of the buttons below to access the required patient forms for treatment in our office. These forms should be filled out, signed and submitted within the 24-hour time period prior to your appointment.

Important Information

You will see some changes when it is time for your next appointment. These changes have been made out of an abundance of caution for your health, as well as that of the other patients being seen in the office, the doctor, staff, and any public with whom they might come in contact. We will continue to closely monitor changes regarding dentistry daily and will implement new policies if necessary based on the latest state and federal guidelines and recommendations.


1. You should receive an appointment reminder email from our office ONE DAY PRIOR to your appointment. Please check this email message within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment to fill in the Informed Consent and the Health Questionnaire forms.

Both forms are quick and easy to fill out. When completed, just press SUBMIT to send the forms to us electronically. We need to have both forms in your chart before you enter the office. If you forget to submit these screening questions beforehand, we will need to verify in person, which causes delays in our schedule. Please be courteous and submit prior to your appointment.

NOTE: To keep our patients and staff healthy, the Health Questionnaire form should be submitted every time you have an appointment. (The Consent form is just once and done.)

2. When you arrive for your appointment, please call us from the parking lot and remain in your car until we invite you upstairs. For everyone’s health and safety, we need to maintain proper social distancing and sanitation measures inside the office. Your patience is appreciated. (610)792-5530

3. Everyone entering the office must wear a mask. We will not provide masks, as our supplies are limited. Masks should be worn covering the entire mouth and nose, and only removed at the time the patient is receiving treatment.

4. When it is your turn to enter the office, please wait in the hallway right outside our Suite 202 door. Do not enter the waiting room until one of our staff members completes a quick temperature check via a touchless forehead scan. Any patient over 100.4 degrees or exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms will need to reschedule

  • 5. Once temperature and health screenings are complete, patients will disinfect their hands and enter the office suite for their scheduled appointment

    6. To minimize office traffic, only the patient with the appointment should enter the office. (If the patient is a minor, one guardian may accompany the child during the visit.)

    7. Teeth should be thoroughly brushed at home prior to each appointment. Our toothbrushing station and restroom are closed for the time being.

    Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience with our COVID-19 precautions. Your good health is so important to us, and we truly appreciate your efforts to keep our office safe for all!